Corporate Law – Distance Learning


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In the competitive area of law and also during the changing economic cycle, it is becoming increasingly apparent that there are many people whom wish to improve not only their career prospects, but also their academic profile by undertaking a period of study.


This unique course, reflecting the importance of the expanding area of corporate law, will be of interest to students intending to work within the within the legal sphere, as well as non-lawyers wishing to extend their corporate base.The distance learning element of the course will mean that students are able to juggle both a busy lifestyle together with their studies.

Course Content
The nature and formation of a company:
  • The Companies Act 2006
  • The nature of a company
  • The Corporate Veil
  • Classification of companies
  • Formation of registered companies
  • The Registrar of Companies

The management of a company:

  • Directors
  • The company secretary
  • The auditor
  • Company registers
  • The annual return
  • Accounts and accounting records
  • Taxation
  • Company finance, funding considerations
  • Debentures


  • Shareholders
  • The nature of Shares
  • Company meetings
  • Resolutions
  • The legal effect of the Articles and Memorandum

Winding up of companies * limited liability partnerships * benefits of trading as a company, partnership or limited liability partnership:

  • Winding up of companies
  • Limited liability partnership
  • Choice of legal status

Essentials of Application & procedure (Practical Exercises)