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The law and regulations governing business and contract law are increasingly complex and now affect all industries and every type of commercial agreement; from entering into a contract, to validity of purchase conditions.

This course is designed to offer a comprehensive and practical introduction to business contract law for non-lawyers, and to enable students to gain the necessary knowledge (within flexible time frames) to enable them to recognise and deal confidently with the risks and benefits of commercial contracts.This includes looking at how commercial contracts are affected by various statutes, and ensuring that students are able to fully grasp the impact of current legislation and case law. The course also covers Intellectual Property and the position on consumer law in the modern legal structure.

Course Contents
Principles of the law of contract
The formation of a contract:
  • Offer and acceptance
  • Consideration
  • Legal Intent
  • Capacity

The contents of a contract:

  • Incorporation of Terms
  • Types of terms within a contract
  • Exemption Clauses
  • Privity of contract

Vitiating factors:

  • Duress and Undue Influence
  • Misrepresentation
  • Mistake
  • Illegality

Discharge and remedies:

  • Discharge of a contract
  • Remedies

Consumer protection:

  • Consumer protection under the Law

Intellectual Property:

  • Legal concepts of Property
  • Copyright
  • Patents
  • Trade marks

Essentials of Application & procedure (Practical Exercises)


We would like to congratulate Stef, whom recently became a father and successfully completed his Commercial Law Distance Learning Course.

Dear Aili good day,

Your last message noted with thanks and really appreciated.

Please note that I admit that maybe in some areas my research and
going deep through the subject was not so good however please note
that I enjoyed the course very much and I have learned a lot of things
about the commercial law.

I appreciate your assistance on the whole duration of the course and
I will definitely recommend SOUTERS to friends and colleagues.

Please note that one of the main reasons that I might not went so deep into the course was that since August 2011 I am a father and my time for studding has been reduced drastically due to the new member of my family.

Anyway I think with your help we managed to achieve a good result.

Thanks again for everything.

Really appreciated.

Please also advise if I can continue further my course/certificate
(in the future) and to upgrade it through SOUTERS to a more advanced

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