Data Entry Diploma


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CPD Accredited Data Entry Diploma that will develop extensive skills to be successful in a Data Entry Job. The Diploma will develop job readiness for a range of data entry roles. When you complete the Diploma and a professional qualification to build your career profile.

Data Entry Diploma

CPD Accreditation

The Diploma is CPD Standards Institute accredited. The CPD Standards Institute accredits high-quality training for career and professional development. This means that the Diploma gained in this course will enable successful participants to add an internationally recognised qualification to their career profile.

Data Entry Diploma Format

This is an online Diploma, delivered in partnership with a London based Microsoft Academy. The course is fully flexible and it can be commenced on any date. You can study on a flexible hours basis. This means you can complete the training on your preferred schedule and from anywhere.

Data Entry Diploma

Data Entry Diploma Content

There are several learning modules:

  • Database training – Microsoft Access Training to Proficient Level
  • Spreadsheet training – Microsoft Excel Training to Proficient Level
  • Microsoft Training in Office365, SharePoint and Teams
  • Keyboard Skills – Touch Typing skills
  • Data Entry Legislation / Compliance and Standards
    • Confidentiality and treatment of sensitive data
    • The Data Protection Act
    • Health and Safety
    • Legislation and compliance
    • Database management and the integrity of a database
    • Filing and record-keeping
    • An overview of GDPR and Data Protection

Each module has a short assessment at the end, which can be taken online.

Who should take the Course?

The Diploma is a more extensive training programme than the Certificate course. This is because it includes the cloud (remote working) aspects of Microsoft Office and Keyboard skills, to increase efficiency and speed.

Anyone looking to get a job in Data Entry. Common roles include Data Entry Administrator, Data Entry Clerk, Data Entry Operator or Data Entry Assistant, but it is appropriate for many other Data Entry roles.

The skills developed on the course are very practical and directly provide skills that correlate to Data Entry jobs. Additionally, the Certification from the CPD gives an internationally recognised qualification to add to your CV. This ensures that your employability and job readiness are greatly improved.

Benefits of the Course

  • Your CV will gain an internationally recognised Diploma qualification from the CPD Standards Institute
  • This will increase job skills and employability
  • The cloud-based training for Microsoft office will make applying for remote Data Entry Jobs much easier
  • Job-specific training that will improve performance at work
  • Keyboard skills will create greater speed, accuracy and efficiency
  • Greater confidence to work in Data Entry
  • Improved speed and efficiency which is vital for success in this job
  • Greater ability to progress your career