Data Entry Courses

Souters offers Data Entry Courses in an online format to enable learners to build the skills they need to succeed in Data Entry Jobs.

Data Entry Certificate Course

We have a Data Entry Certificate Course, which offers a quick start for people looking to qualify quickly to pursue their careers. The training provides the mix of online IT skills needed for data entry. All of the modules are delivered online. You can start at any time and study whenever you would like.

Data Entry Diploma

We also offer a more in-depth Data Entry Diploma, which enables learners to gain a full array of skills. All of the modules are delivered online. You can start at any time and study whenever you would like. This is the most extensive training option.

Training Quality

The Data Entry Courses provide a mix of skills needed to succeed. The courses are divided into modules, and an expert in the field has written each.

  • All Microsoft Office modules are written by Microsoft Platinum Partners and are delivered with a state-of-the-art interactive learning system.
  • All Data Protection and technical modules have been written by experienced Data Analyst trainers and experts in their fields.
  • The development of the course in partnership with experts in their fields ensures that you will receive the high level of training needed to succeed in your career.

Data Entry Courses

Our Data Entry Courses are delivered online, which enables learners to commence the training programme at any time and study on a flexible hours basis. This has enabled many students to study in the comfort of their homes and gain professional qualifications to build their career options.

All of our Data Entry Courses are CPD Accredited; this means that you will receive a recognised qualification from the CPD Standards Institute in London upon successful completion of the training. The CPD Standards is an internationally recognised accrediting body that accredits professional training in many fields. CPD Certificates will build your CV and open up more job opportunities.

Skills needed for Data Entry Jobs

Employers consistently state that the most essential attributes of a Data Entry professional are as follows:

  • Touch Typing Skills – typing at a reasonable speed with a high level of accuracy
  • Database skills – the most common database is Microsoft Access
  • Spreadsheet skills – the most common software being Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Office Skills and general IT skills for an office environment
  • Awareness of relevant legislation for data processors, including Data Protection, GDPR and other areas
  • Attention to detail
  • The ability to work to meet deadlines
  • Good communication skills

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              What Are Data Entry Jobs?

              Data entry is a broad reference to several job types. It is an area that is growing in many places and we are seeing increasing opportunities to find Data Entry Jobs that are based on remote working models. Here are some of the typical job titles that we see in the Data Entry area:

              • Data Entry Clerk
              • Data Entry Administrator
              • Data Entry Operative
              • Data Input Administrator
              • Work from home – Data Entry Administrator
              • Data Entry Assistant
              • Transcribers
              • Touch Typists
              • Electronic Data Processors

              During the COVID pandemic, this area has seen a major upswing in work from home jobs and remote working. This has made the area appealing for people who are seeking opportunities to work from home and avoid the costs of travelling to an office.

              Data Entry Careers

              What are the benefits of a career in Data Entry?

              • The ability to work from home is a common option and has increased during the COVID pandemic
              • Plentiful job options. The above job titles are constantly in demand and it is an area of growth
              • The Data Entry Course builds confidence and skills working in an office environment
              • The transferrable skills enable many Data Entry professionals to progress to higher-paying Administration jobs
              • You have the option to work for yourself and be self-employed or find permanent employment. The career is very flexible and has good options to move up