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CV Editing Services

Why are CVs so important?

Your CV is the first thing that an Employer and recruitment agency. They will have to see a load of CVs and sift through, when they are trying to fill a vacancy. Therefore, you need to ensure that your CV clearly shows the key points and keywords that they are looking for.

This means that they often only have the time to quickly scan over CVs for a shortlist. Therefore, ensuring that you CV is of the highest possible quality is very important.

Our CV Services will give your CV a professional, attractive and eye-catching appearance. This will greatly assist you in getting the job that you desire.

Our staff have years of experience in editing CVs for our students and CV editing clients.

DOWNLOAD .pdf brochure for this service.

What is the CV Editing Process

You need to book here by paying £49 for the service.

Once you have paid, you should email your CV and additional information on the types of jobs that you are looking for.

Send your CV here:

If the CV Editor requires additional information, in order to improve your CV further a questionnaire will be sent to you.

NOTE TO STUDENTS: This service is complimentary for any student on our Legal, Medical, Admin, PA, CILEX and Finance/Bookkeeping Course or Diploma Programmes.

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