Criminal Litigation Course


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Criminal Litigation for paralegals, legal secretaries and non-lawyers who need knowledge in this area.


This is a very popular unit devoted exclusively to Criminal Litigation.

It allows students to examine critically, and practically, the key subjects that underpin the criminal justice system in England and Wales. It considers important topics in the fields of criminal procedure and sentencing, 

The training unit presents the current position with a view to future changes in the pipeline. Upon successful completion students will have gained substantial understanding of the fundamentals of criminal litigation and legal process, together with the basis level practical skills needed to work within this fast-paced and changing area.


To provide a course which gives a sound overview of the principles and procedures of Criminal Law.

Course Format

Tuition with a live tutor, face to face; the tutor will be a qualified litigation lawyer.

Course Content

  • An introduction to criminal law – setting the scene
  • Trial on Indictment
  • Summary Trial
  • Magistrates Court
  • Crown Court
  • The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)
  • Classes of offence
  • Individual offences
  • Office and legal conduct
  • Preliminaries to court appearances
  • ‘PACE’
  • Procedures and codes of practice
  • Commencing a Prosecution
  • The Two Basic Methods; Arrest, investigation and charge
  • Prosecutors & Legal Personnel
  • The Police; The Crown Prosecution Service
  • The Law Officers; Barristers / Counsel; Solicitors
  • The decision to prosecute
  • Methods of commencing a prosecution
  • Alternatives to prosecution
  • Decision and consideration
  • The wheel and oil of the Criminal Justice System
  • The Criminal Court Structure and the European Dimension;
  • Youth Courts
  • Jurisdiction of the Courts
  • Bail and Remands
  • Mode of Trial
  • Disclosure
  • The Course of the Trial
  • Sentencing
  • Essentials of application & procedure
  • Practical sessions
  • Optional test and certification

Dates and Duration 

This is a intense two-day course (10:30 to 16:30) with another two hours to be made available for a subsequent optional test, after a revision period (typically one week to revise). As we have an in-house permanent tuition team we can arrange dates to suit the student within reason.


Either a Certificate of Attendance without exam, full course certificate after passing course exam.