Commercial Law Course | Contract Law Training Course


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To provide a Commercial Law unit suitable  for people from outside the legal field, legal support staff and people in financial firms who need an understanding of Commercial Law more especially contract law, intellectual property and consumer law.

Course Format

Classroom based, live tuition provided by in house tutors, often one to one tuition basis, so dates can be arranged to suit individual students. Practical exercises are included within this tuition time. There will be an optional assessment and certificate to finish the course.

Course Content

Contract Law:

  • The formation of a contract: offer and acceptance; consideration; legal intent; capacity.
  • The contents of a contract: incorporation of terms; types of terms within a contract; exemption clauses; Privity of contract.
  • Vitiating factors: duress and undue Influence; misrepresentation; mistake; illegality.

Discharge and remedies:

  • Discharge of a contract; remedies.

Consumer protection:

  • Consumer protection under the law
  • Intellectual property: legal concepts of property; copyright; patents; trade marks
  • Essentials of application & procedure (Practical sessions)

Dates and Duration

Single day course full-time 10:30 to 16:30. Group tuition- Dates by mutual arrangement with the college.

Please refer to the schedule for start dates of public course see Business Law listing or call us on 02 07248 8987