Microsoft Office Certiport Mock Exams

Microsoft Office Certiport Mock Exams

Did you purchase our Mock (GMetrix) Exams?

I’d originally purchased the Practice Microsoft Office Specialist GMetrix Exams and then shortly after I purchased the MOS Certiport Exam for Word and Excel 2010.

How did you do in the Exams?

I took 2010 exams and passed them both in the end.

What is your career situation?

I have been working in retail many years and have been trying to get into an office based job for a while, but as it is been proving to be quite a challenge I have been recommended to take the MOS exams in order to hopefully move on to my next role and the GMetrix practice exams have really helped to prepare me for the actual exam.

Why are the GMetrix Exams beneficial?

The GMetrix practice exams are still very different from the actual test, but they still help you to practice on what you are most likely to be tested during your actual exam. The training session on GMetrix is very detailed and helps you to understand what you are actually doing, especially with Excel;

Do you recommend to others that they take the GMetrix Exams?

I would very much recommend it for anyone who is planning on taking the MOS Core exams, as I don’t think anyone would pass those exams without a proper practice first.

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