Introduction to Business Law Course


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Course Objective

  • To provide a stimulative learning experience delivered to create interest and so greater learning retention.
  • To create an understanding in the areas of Commercial and Corporate Law and show how they interrelate.

Course format and timing

  • One day workshop with a knowledgeable and experienced course facilitator
  • Course will run 10:30 to 16:30 on scheduled day live in online virtual classroom.

Introduction to Business Law Course – CPD Accredited

Course content:

1. Commercial Law

Explain the background and vitality of commercial law in the modern business environment and how it fits with day to day business

Contract Law:

  • The formation of a contract: offer and acceptance; consideration; legal intent; capacity.
  • The contents of a contract: incorporation of terms; types of terms within a contract; exemption clauses; privity of contract.
  • Vitiating factors: duress and undue Influence; misrepresentation; mistake; illegality.
  • Discharge and remedies
  • Discharge of a contract; remedies/damages
  • Consumer protection
  • Consumer protection under the law
  • Intellectual property: legal concepts of property; copyright; patents; trade marks

2. Corporate Law

Explain the background and vitality of corporate law in the modern business environment and how it fits with day to day business and running a company within the legal boundaries.

  • The nature of a company and formation of a company: limited liability partnerships, benefits of trading as a company, partnership or limited liability partnership
  • The Companies Act 2006 and subsequent updates
  • The Corporate Veil
  • Classification of companies
  • Formation of registered companies and Registrar of Companies
  • Winding up of companies
  • The management of a company: directors; the company secretary; the auditor; company registers; the annual return; accounts and accounting records
  • Taxation
  • Company finance: debentures, funding considerations
  • Shareholders and equity: the nature of shares; company meetings; resolutions
  • The legal effect of the Articles and Memorandum.

Who is it for?

This is a course those working for companies and for legal support staff  who need a general understanding of the legal principles; it is also a useful entrée for foreign lawyers who are looking to understand the UK system and processes


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