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2 Day Business English Workshop Objective

To enable persons with a proficient ability in English to improve their language skills to feel both more competent and confident in wide range of commercial situations.This course is designed to assist non-English native speakers aswell as native speakers to improve their commercial English language skills. We offer the course to promote the employability of  students in professional English speaking work situations, both within the UK and around the world.

Course Format

This is an intensive workshop, which comprises a variety of simulated business scenarios that have been created by experienced native speaking, English Language teaching professionals. It is a highly interactive course, which comprises of group exercises in a range of all forms of communication plus appropriate individual exercises.

We aim to enable participants to maximise their learning benefits in a short period. After course support and follow up is available for up to three months.


“It was an enjoyable teaching, with no big pressure. Good mix of theory and practice.”  Maike. Berlin.


The tutor will be a well experienced native English speaker with an English teaching qualification and considerable practical experience in the use of English for Business.

Course Content

  • Communication skills in all modes for Business
  • Participating in business meetings effectively
  • Appreciating the tone and quality of language used in business contexts
  • Negotiations – how can I use language to persuade, bargain, compromise
  • Presentations – how to be clear, structured and transmit your key points effectively
  • Use your English skills to build networks
  • Effective use of language in emails
  • Teleconferencing and telephoning
  • Cross-cultural awareness and the differences between US and UK English
  • Grammatical accuracy
  • Accuracy in pronunciation
  • Understand how to structure your English in a Business context

Dates and Duration

Two consecutive days 10:30 to16:30 plus follow up as mentioned in the format above.

Please contact our centre for dates

Suitable for

People with working ability in English looking to improve their use of English in a business setting.

Course Requirements

Good intermediate level in English, both written and spoken.


  • Improved flexibility to use English in an office or business setting.
  • Greater confidence in own ability to communicate in commercial English both written and spoken.

Course Outcome

In particular, students will be able to:

  • Understand the type of technical language that is appropriate for the analysis and evaluation of data, in a commercial setting.
  • Listen to and understand Business English conversations, announcements and presentations including those made over the telephone
  • Participate in conversations and meetings in routine and semi-routine business contexts
  • Gain confidence to deliver presentations
  • Convey points of view convincingly; influence others.
  • Business Writing using wide range of formats, including letters, emails, memos and minutes of meetings.
  • Present themselves for interview for more senior roles
  • The Business English Workshop is accredited by the CPD and certification is issued on successful completion

All of the above point with address the appropriate levels of formality, relevant vocabulary and technical capabilities for each of the above areas.

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