Business English Courses

Business English Courses in Virtual Classrooms

  • You can perfect your Business English in Virtual Classrooms.
  • All of our trainers are native British speakers, qualified English teachers and qualified trainers in law, business, finance, medicine and other areas.
  • We deliver training to people all over the world through our virtual classroom training.
  • We can cater to a wide range of levels and learning needs.
  • Our CPD Accredited Business English Training Courses have experienced tutors that have helped many professionals gain the knowledge and confidence needed for their job.
  • Our Business English Courses are flexible; we offer part-time and full-time courses.
  • We can offer both Intense English Courses or enable you to learn English while you work.
  • Delegates from all over the world, from a wide range of nations and native languages.
  • Souters can provide the language skills needed to become comfortable with using English in a commercial environment.
  • We have trained professionals in all sectors and professions. We have delivered training through virtual classrooms or directly at the venue of corporations and organisations.

For Legal Professionals, we also offer the TOLES course and exams.

Bespoke Business English Training Courses

We can offer specialised English training for professionals from several different industries. All of these courses will be accredited by the CPD Standards in London. Please see some of the subjects we can offer:

  • Business English
  • Legal English
  • Medical English
  • Finance English
  • Political and Diplomatic English

All of the above courses are available in Bespoke Courses and Corporate Training. Professional trainers who are trainers in both English and the subject matter are used for all of these training programmes.

Business English Courses with Native British English speakers

We offer Accredited courses, with all of Business English Courses being CPD Accredited. CPD Standards Institute is a London based Institute that certified Continuing Professional Development training.

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