AAT Bookkeeping Course for a PA


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AAT Bookkeeping Course for a PA in London

AAT Course for a PA Objective

The aim of the AAT Course or a PA is to gain an understanding of accounts and bookkeeping to strengthen your CV. More PA job descriptions require some knowledge of Finance or Bookkeeping and this course is designed to provide a recognised qualification in a short-time.

Who is it for?

The AAT Course for PA will suit you if:

  • You need Bookkeeping skills as a part of your day to day PA, Admin or Office Manager job
  • You want to get a recognised AAT qualification to boost your CV
  • You want to understand the Finance, Invoicing or Accounts element of your job
  • You are looking to move to higher paying Executive PA or EA Jobs, by adding respected qualifications to your CV
  • You do not need previous knowledge of the subject.

AAT Bookkeeping Course for a PA Content

Processing bookkeeping transactions

  • Understanding double-entry bookkeeping, integrating books of prime entry and describing coding system functions
  • Understanding discounts and settlement, trade and bulk discount differences
  • Preparing and processing customer and supplier invoices and credit notes
  • Totaling and balancing a 3-column analysed cash book
  • Totaling, balancing and reconciling petty cash records within an analysed petty cash book
  • Processing ledger transactions and extracting a trial balance

Control accounts, journals and the banking system

  • Understanding the purpose and use of control accounts and journals
  • Maintaining and using control accounts and the journal
  • Reconciling a bank statement with the cash book
  • Understanding the banking process and main services of banks and building societies
  • Understanding requirements of retention and storage relating to banking documents

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Dates and Duration

This course can be taken over two months part-time in the evening, between 6.15pm and 8.15pm.

This course can also be taken full-time, between 10:30am and 4:00pm. A full-time course will run over five days.

Please refer to the schedule for start dates.


  • More PA Jobs, especially Executive PA, require Bookkeeping knowledge
  • Learn the Bookkeeping skills needed for a PA Job
  • Get a recognised AAT qualification in Bookkeeping
  • Better and wider range of job options

Course Details

The Course fees cover all learning materials and tuition. Exam fees and AAT Student Membership fees are not included in the price of the course.

Students are eligible for NUS Totum Cards and details for applying are available from our office.

There are two assessments within this Qualification which relates to the AAT Level 2 Foundation Certificate  in Bookkeeping.

AAT Bookkeeping Course in London