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Excel Courses in London

Excel Courses London

Excel Courses Online

  • Our online Excel Courses are delivered by a Virtual Tutor that uses a live server. This is a state of the art training system, which enables the Virtual Tutor to follow your action in the exercises and correct you. This is almost like having your own personalise Excel tutor at your disposal. This course is CPD Accredited. It can be taken on Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.


  • We have Beginner to Proficient Levels for Beginner and Intermediate, please CLICK HERE for details of the course.
  • We also have Advanced and Expert Levels. Please CLICK HERE for details of this course.


Specialised Excel Courses

  • We offer Specialised Excel Courses that are designed for particular careers. You can opt to our Excel for Banking and Finance, which is designed to build the ideal requirements in Excel for a job in Finance, Financial Services or Banking. Please CLICK HERE for details.
  • We can also offer specialised course for Project Management, Event Management, Human Resources, PAs, VAs, Bookkeepers and Administration staff. All of our specialised modules are CPD Accredited.

Classroom Excel Courses London

  • We offer CPD Accredited Classroom Excel Courses at our Microsoft Academy in London. This enables delegates to gain training from our experienced Excel trainers. The courses delivered are at Beginner, Proficient or Advanced Level.

Bespoke Excel Courses and Tailored Excel Training

  • Our Bespoke or Tailored Excel Courses are very popular with private individual and corporates. This enables students to tailor their excel training to meet their training or work needs. For example, many companies have asked to make the course relevant to their work or even base the training around improving or using their own spreadsheets. These training programmes have been very popular and are far more cost-effective than hiring experts to build spreadsheets for you. All written Bespoke Training Programmes will be CPD Accredited, by the time of delivery.

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